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An Easy Way to Get Merchant Contributions

eScrip is a program in which participating merchants automatically donate from 1-7% of your purchases to the Roosevelt Middle School Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)  every time you shop - at no cost to you. Simply buy groceries, services, and products like you normally do using a credit card, debit card, or grocery card registered with eScrip. eScrip does the rest, tracking purchases through the cards you use and directing thousands of dollars a year to the Roosevelt Middle School PTSA. This revenue funds social and service activities, which are organized by the PTSA to support the school and its community. Much more active eScrip participation by you and the rest of the school community is needed to expand this revenue so that the PTSA can support student and classroom needs as well.

Participating merchants include both local stores (e.g. Safeway, Andronico's and Mollie Stone's) and hundreds of major online stores (e.g. Amazon, Borders, eBay, Williams Sonoma, Babies R Us, OfficeMax, Expedia).

eScrip allows participants to support up to three (3) schools.  The Roosevelt PTSA Group ID is 5900393.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Four Simple Things You Can Do

FIRST, Sign Up: spend just 5 min to sign up for eScrip and register your Safeway, grocery, or major credit/debit cards. Note: Safeway cards must be registered with your account number, NOT phone number. See sign up directions below to retrieve your account number.

SECOND, Use eScrip AutoEARN: download and install eScrip's AutoEARN software onto your computer. AutoEARN will automatically direct participating online merchants to donate 1-7% of your purchases. An alternative way to generate donations is to access online vendors through eScrip's Online Mall website. If you choose this alternative, we recommend that you prominently bookmark the eScrip Online Mall and make a habit of going there BEFORE you make any online purchases. Note: eScrip donations from require access through the Online Mall, since Amazon does not recognize AutoEARN.

THIRD, Update Your Cards: keep your registered card numbers up to date by editing your 'my eScrip' account when your cards or card numbers change.