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About Roosevelt Middle School

Principal: Michael Stachon

Assistant Principal: Krishna Kassebaum


Address: 460 Arguello Blvd.
San Francisco CA, 94118
Phone: 415-750-8446
Fax: 415-750-8455

Roosevelt is a traditional middle school emphasizing in each student a love and desire for learning. We serve a naturally integrated and economically diverse student body. Our staff is committed to setting high standards and expectations for all students. In addition to the core curriculum, our school offers a wide variety of programs such as constantly strive to support our students by monitoring their progress and our own efficiency. Parents are encouraged to become involved through the PTSA, site committees and as parent liaisons.

The school of which Roosevelt Middle School is a descendant was named Lobos Avenue Primary School. It occupied a rented building, contained four classes, and accommodated one hundred and sixty-five primary pupils. This school was opened on September 3, 1877.

In 1888 the school was housed in a one-story wooden building and was known as the Richmond Primary School. In later years the name was changed to Roosevelt School, after President Theodore Roosevelt. Additions were made and the building grew, and in 1912 it was located on the same grounds it now occupies.

In 1930 the present building was erected, and the school emerged as the new Roosevelt Junior High School. The dedication was held on November 9, 1930.

In 1978 the building was earthquake-proofed and the grade levels were changed from 7 through 9 to 6 through 8 and the name was changed to Roosevelt Middle School.

School Hymn

To thee, O Roosevelt Middle School we pledge our love and loyalty. We'll fight to hold aloft thy banner. Whose colors stand for honesty. We'll always love our alma mater; Our deeds will ever match thy fame; Supreme we'll always hold thy honor, add luster to thy name.
We'll always be loyal and true, all through our school days, and when we are all through - - Roosevelt Middle School. Three cheers for you; We pledge our hearts and ourselves to you.
Come along, let us join in a song - - Hail to the gold and blue this school of the west we know is the best, to Roosevelt we'll be true. She will win, for she'll never give in, ne'er can her full worth be told, tho' both loud and long her students strong, may sing of the gold and blue.
Chorus Then hail! All hail! To Roosevelt! All hail to the gold and blue! We'll sing out the story, and we'll fight for her glory, her fame we will renew. Then hail! All hail! To Roosevelt, our alma mater true; and we'll fight! Fight! Fight! with all our might for the honor of the Gold and the Blue.