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Common Sense Media

Digital Citizenship Resources



1.1 Digital Life 101

My Digital Life


1.2 Strategic Searching

Google A Day

Google Searching


1.3 Scams and Schemes


60 Minutes Segment on Identity Theft



1.4 Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

It Gets Better

President Obama


1.5  A Creator's Rights

Happy Birthday Song

Creative Commons Poster


2.1 My Media

My Digital Life



2.2 A Creators Responsibilities

Copyright Song Nina Paley

D*sn*y Copyright.

Clip from downloaded (Metallica vs. Napster)

Copyright Poster



2.3 Safe Online Talk




2.4 Which Me Should I Be?

Online Personas


2.5 Gender Stereotypes Online

SFUSD Gender Vocabulary

Run Like a Girl

More Women Play Video Games

Gender Stereotypes Poem


3.1 Trillion Dollar Footprint


8th Grade Ms. Washington


3.2 Identifying High Quality Sites

NYTimes Debate Fact Check

NPR Debate Fact Check

Jimmy Kimmel  -Lie Witness News


Fake News Watch


3.3 The Reality of Digital Drama

Haters and Trolls

Gender Vocabulary SFUSD


3.4 Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line

Delete Cyberbullying

Unpopular Opinion

President Obama, It gets better


3.5 Rework, Reuse, Remix

Project Gutenberg

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature

Flickr Commons




New Studio


Choose a License!




Gender Vocabulary SFUSD


Market Influencers



6th Grade Assessment


7th Grade Assessment


8th Grade Assessment







Hour of Code